“Daddy & Fox”

The story of Daddy & Fox has its origins in the year of the millennium (which was also the year designated as International Year for Culture and Peace). It began when my darling mom had to undergo a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Caught unawares, I had to do some serious last minute scrambling to find a decent pair or two of cotton pyjamas for her long stay in the isolation unit at a Cape Town hospital. I wanted her to feel as comfortable and as beautiful as one could possibly feel under such circumstances.

Given the fact that we sleep most of our lives, one would’ve thought that there would’ve been a plentiful supply of decent choices and that it would’ve been a relatively easy task to find feminine, snugly comforting pyjamas. However, as glad as I was to do it, I became disillusioned, only to discover that this somewhat arduous task became a challenging “labour of love”. Sadly I never did find what I was looking for and had to settle for something mediocre.

Shortly after admission to hospital, at the young age of 51, my precious Mom lost her brave battle with cancer and the final chapter of her life came to an end. I was shattered and slowly began the process of piecing my broken life back together. To exacerbate the sorrow I felt for having my lifelong soul mate snatched away from me, I – as a recently divorced woman with a young child – had also lost my “anchor”. The loving, unconditional support system my mother had provided had suddenly vanished…

Through many twists and turns, ups and downs, my journey of self-love, self-care and self-nurturing began and culminated in the realization that, as humans, we go out of our way to project an image to the outside world.  We do so primarily through our choices and material possessions – the homes and areas in which we live, the clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive – and the places we frequent. I also became aware of how little attention we pay to how we feel when we are alone – those moments when we are ensconced in our safe havens, taking refuge from the world outside.  I for one, would choose an ancient T-shirt, with a pair of equally ancient tracksuit pants to wear to bed!

The years whizzed by and my little girl grew up, bringing into our lives a new phenomenon:  bodies of sleepy teenagers littered all over the house!  Suddenly, my safe haven became a boarding house and needless to say, my (previously secret) range of “tatty” sleep attire was out in the open for everyone to view – and for the second time in my life, a great need for gorgeous sleepwear arose. It was a final nudge towards seeking out smarter alternatives to my tired, familiar “relaxed wear” – and it was time to indulge my senses and set off in search of my dream.

To cut my long story short, however, I could not find beautifully made, comfortable sleepwear in fabulous fabrics.  I was looking for something that would make the female species feel pampered, confident, exotic, sophisticated, unique, tasteful and expressive – with the overriding emphasis on comfort. I yearned for patterns and designs that would delight the eye, textures that would seduce the soul…sensual fabrics that would caress the skin and styles that would gently embrace the body to induce luxurious lounging and lazing.

Inspired by the words of author Toni Morrison who declared “If there is a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”, the Daddy & Fox journey began in earnest…

My inspiration for the Daddy & Fox range came from the ‘60s. Whilst doing research and searching for ways to express my burning desire, I found myself drawn by the many images, songs and famous people from the ‘60s – and these strongly influenced the general direction of conceptualization.  No surprises here, as I am a ‘60s child (just made it) who was born in January 1969.  This in itself I found both serendipitous and interesting, given the iconic status this year (and decade) holds in our collective psyche!

Ahhh – the 60s…. a time of freedom, expression, liberation, inspired thinking and a time of “happening”…all similar elements that have inspired the Daddy & Fox range. Today, in the year 2012, it is my wish that the Daddy & Fox sleepwear range will fulfill every girl’s dreams for looking and feeling great during a time of reverie, retreating, regrouping, reclining and rejuvenation…a time of inspiration before, during and after escaping to a more blissful place…the land of dreams.


– Joel Madden

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