The Slovenly Fox and the Prodigal Chicken

Upon waking on Sunday morning, I decided that I was going to do nothing strenuous on my one and only day off.  After a seriously chaotic week, I needed some down-time and all-important me-time.  I’m guessing round about now, all you introverts out there, are nodding furiously in tacit agreement – you know what I […]

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My thoughts on Bandana Day

As I sit here under my mama’s favourite white stinkwood tree, my mind wanders to this day, 14 years ago.  I am time-travelling back to the year 2000.  I can see myself sitting at my darling mom’s side – chatting, laughing, singing, reading bits and pieces, whilst unceremoniously perched on the edge of an impossibly […]

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My thoughts on Heritage

Our new collection, Delft Foxes silk, is an interpretation of a classic combination of blue and white wares.  In Chinese, the word qīng-huā, describing the blue and white porcelain, literally means “Blue flowers”. The blue and white craze was stirred up in the Daddy & Fox studio – and I set about creating our own […]

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De Zalze Open Day.

The lovely & talented ceramicist, Alison Faure, held her ceramic open day last week at her home & we were fortunate enough to be invited to showcase the Daddy & Fox sleepwear range.  Warmly welcomed by the beautiful Winelands Golf Estate, De Zalze & perfectly situated next to a rumbling brook, we were directed to […]

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Why D&F? What makes us Special?

One of the more difficult questions I have to answer, is what sets Daddy & Fox apart from the rest?  What makes your garments different, or special is what is constantly asked of me?  And people in the know – in business circles usually, demand an all-encapsulating one-liner which is an incredibly difficult thing to […]

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Just Unpacked

Amazing hand-made suede sandals, available in tan and black. Comfort and luxury for your summer feet. Holiday special R 399, available in sizes 4-8.  These items are currently not available on our online store. If you desperately need a pair or two during your holiday, email us on We will be happy to oblige and […]

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