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The Story of Our Delft Foxes

At D&F we are all about stories, and the story about our custom signature prints is a truly special one we hold very close to our hearts. At the outset of our journey, we knew we wanted Daddy & Fox to stand apart from other typical sleepwear brands that existed at the time (this wasn’t […]

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Silk, The Queen of Fabrics

For close to thousands of years, silk, the Queen of Fabrics, has indeed reigned supreme. Legend has it that by way of happy accident, Chinese legend, Empress Hsi Ling Shi, the wife of Emperor Huang Ti (known also as the Yellow Emperor), was the first to discover silk could be a weavable fibre all those […]

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The Slovenly Fox and the Prodigal Chicken

Upon waking on Sunday morning, I decided that I was going to do nothing strenuous on my one and only day off.  After a seriously chaotic week, I needed some down-time and all-important me-time.  I’m guessing round about now, all you introverts out there, are nodding furiously in tacit agreement – you know what I […]

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My thoughts on Bandana Day

As I sit here under my mama’s favourite white stinkwood tree, my mind wanders to this day, 14 years ago.  I am time-travelling back to the year 2000.  I can see myself sitting at my darling mom’s side – chatting, laughing, singing, reading bits and pieces, whilst unceremoniously perched on the edge of an impossibly […]

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My thoughts on Heritage

Our new collection, Delft Foxes silk, is an interpretation of a classic combination of blue and white wares.  In Chinese, the word qīng-huā, describing the blue and white porcelain, literally means “Blue flowers”. The blue and white craze was stirred up in the Daddy & Fox studio – and I set about creating our own […]

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Why D&F? What makes us Special?

One of the more difficult questions I have to answer, is what sets Daddy & Fox apart from the rest?  What makes your garments different, or special is what is constantly asked of me?  And people in the know – in business circles usually, demand an all-encapsulating one-liner which is an incredibly difficult thing to […]

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