Why D&F? What makes us Special?

One of the more difficult questions I have to answer, is what sets Daddy & Fox apart from the rest?  What makes your garments different, or special is what is constantly asked of me?  And people in the know – in business circles usually, demand an all-encapsulating one-liner which is an incredibly difficult thing to do.

I’m such a visual and experiential creature – most of the time, I see pictures and images in my mind, hear music, feel things and certainly do not see words.   So, to ask me to put into words what the brand Daddy & Fox is all about without the visual imagery to substantiate my claims is an arduous task.  On top of this aforementioned craziness, I also have huge difficulty in blowing my own horn – and this does not make for good promotions at the best of times.

OK – so, before you decide that I should spend the rest of my days in an asylum, let me try to use words to describe the reasons why I think Daddy & Fox is special and different from the rest.

The most obvious reason is that Daddy & Fox is not aimed at the mass market – we are a small start-up with a BIG dream.   We design and produce small runs of our styles and colour-ways, firstly due to limited capital like any other start-up, and more importantly, to ensure that our signature stays unique and is able to remain fresh.  In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded with stuff from everywhere and nowhere – and it’s therefore a real challenge to be unique.

To remain true to our ethos of being unique, we have developed a few fabric designs which are custom-printed for our own ranges and are not available anywhere else.  Our black and white FOXTOOTH fabric was inspired by the iconic “houndstooth” pattern which emerged during the 60’s and has remained a classic pattern for many decades.  We fashioned our classic fabric around the actual representation of a fox’s tooth – and we love the result.  It’s iconic, bold, chic, elegant, and yet playful.  A difficult combination of properties to combine in one fabric, but I think you would agree that we have managed to do just that.  We will be launching our new fabric design, De(l)ft Foxes very soon – a beautiful, hand-painted blue and white Delfts-blue theme, and including our signature foxes.  Our signature fabrics are non-gender specific and we have managed to use both designs in our ladies’ and men’s ranges.


Apart from our signature prints, we import the highest quality cottons from India – the fabrics are unusual, have an incredible feel and are strong, and durable…a factor which is important when it comes to sleep wear and lounge wear.  Fabric is most important in the overall look and feel of a garment, but so is FIT.  We have spent years developing patterns and fit to satisfy a broad range of clientele in terms of body type and style, and to provide the most comfortable fit for sleep wear and lounge wear.  Presently, we have 5 sizes for ladies and 5 sizes for our men-folk.  We will be launching an additional larger size for ladies during Winter 2014 so will be offering up to size 20 for ladies.

As far as fit is concerned, we have gone a step further – on most of our styles, we offer ladies pants in two lengths, regular and long because some of our fine foxes have been blessed with long pins, and therefore need longer-length pants.  We have heard their laments for a long time now – that they cannot find pants to fit them.   We insist on pockets for ladies’ pants, and all our cuff details be they on the pants or on the sleeves are all fabric doubled up or trebled, and no fusing is used in this detailing.  Our garments boast safety seams, sometimes referred to as French seams.  This double seam appears usually in the inside seam of pants, and the seams of the pyjama tops – these very strong double seams are not over-locked as is usually the case with mass-market garments, and are incredibly strong where strength and durability is required.  Our pants have a combination elastic and full-drawstring waistband – this is incredibly important especially for women, as we all know how our mood and measurements can change during the course of one month!


The other aspect to making something unique is DETAIL.  And yes, this is where we shine!  At Daddy & Fox, we believe God is in the detail.  For example, we have hanger loops in all our beautiful clothes reminding the wearer how special they are – for the ladies, the hanger loop reads “Fox so Fine” and for the men, it reads “Soul Man”.  We put clothes on our bodies, every day of our lives – it could be said we put masks on for the world to see and for us to hide behind.  We would like your well-deserved down-time, your time of reverie, to be super special and to be set apart from any other time – hence our personal message of self-nurture and self-love in every garment.


And, speaking of love – we Love our country and are proudly South African.  Our garments are developed and manufactured locally in Cape Town, so we are doing our bit to ensure that valuable jobs and skills are not lost, in a dying industry, which has severely been damaged by the economic downturn over the last few years. We have been told over and over again, that our clothes have street wear appeal, and that our pyjamas are too beautiful for only the bedroom.  So, you don’t only have to wear your Daddy & Fox’s at home, behind closed doors – you can strut your stuff out there with confidence…for all to see and admire!



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  1. another saskia at #

    Hello Saskia
    After speaking to you at Melissa’s coffee shop, I was inspired by your zest for life and enthusiasm. I hope to meet up soon to hear more.
    Your site and your products/pictures are super beautiful and impressive.
    Well done on your website.
    I just love your prints, wow!

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