3-ply Pleated Cotton Mask – Available Online

From: R40.00

From: R40.00

A one-size-fits-all 3-ply reusable/washable cotton mask (lined, with a synthetic ‘filter’).


Product Description

When we heard about the call to action for the making of masks in this new Covid-19 reality that we are living in, we knew we had to come out of ‘hiding’ to do what we do best: create quality garments. Through a process of sampling and research, we have devised a 3-ply pleated cotton mask that looks good, fits well, is breathable, and, above all, is in line with the Department of Health’s recommendations regarding facial masks. By using offcuts of various fabrics around our studio and workshop, the masks we have constructed are therefore not only of the highest quality, but they have also been made with utmost sustainability in mind – one of our business’s cornerstone values.

By purchasing these masks you won’t just be providing a safeguard for yourself, your colleagues and those that you love, but will also be supporting a proudly Stellenbosch brand in the process.

We have devised the following:

A 3-ply reusable/washable cotton mask (lined, with a synthetic ‘filter’). The latter provides just a little extra protection as the non-natural fibre that is sandwiched between the cotton acts as a filter – just one more layer of protection to stop any droplets entering your nose and mouth.


For more information on COVID-19 and government regulation: Click here