The Story of Our Delft Foxes

At D&F we are all about stories, and the story about our custom signature prints is a truly special one we hold very close to our hearts.

At the outset of our journey, we knew we wanted Daddy & Fox to stand apart from other typical sleepwear brands that existed at the time (this wasn’t too difficult seeing that in 2012 there were really only enough South African sleepwear brands to list on one hand). Besides wanting Daddy & Fox to forge it’s own unique voice and aesthetic within the realms of sleep and lounge wear attire, we had always been fascinated with print, texture and pattern. This seems almost obvious in hindsight – having a passion for all things print, texture and pattern is seemingly the cornerstone of all fashion endeavors! However, I felt our fascination with these elements was more nuanced than that.

My daughter and I would muse for hours on end, sharing ideas about what we wanted to see realised in textile design. The lack of choice in terms of textile prints that both delighted the eye but also fared kindly to the touch eluded us in South Africa. Our initial collection was, to be brutally honest, a patchwork of mediocrity.

After a whirlwind trip to India in 2012, we fell in love with the sights, sounds, and most of all, the fabrics of South Asia. Here, we quite honestly found heaven! Upon return to Stellenbosch, a few weeks later, our incredibly large shipment of brightly coloured and loudly spirited Indian cottons hit South African landfall. We were set.

Although these fabrics were (and are) truly beautiful, they still didn’t fully answer the burning question we kept asking: is this the one? A year or so on, and a hefty amount of ‘editing’ had been done: peeling away, and dialling back, we came again to the core of the Daddy & Fox ethos. Simplicity, stories, heart.

So, ‘once more with feeling’, we returned again to the drawing board. Enter: Selma Albasini. A most gorgeous kindred spirit whose prowess in design and talent in painting made her the perfect fit in our D&F puzzle/muddle. On the subject of stories I had come up with the idea to marry my Dutch heritage with my naturalised South African roots, the tranquillity of shades of blues, and the serenity of the colour white – all absolute attributes for a time of perfect reverie. Of course, the addition of foxes would be paramount. These mythical creatures are the very keystone to many of those stories, fables and fairy-tales of our childhoods. In addition, the brief asked that the design work effortlessly in silk (by this time we had decided to concentrate our attention on the elusive yet beautiful yet terribly tricky material of silk). Well, the result was nothing short of breath-taking: Selma hand-painted the most exquisite figures of foxes, sitting birds, floral blooms and whimsical flicks and flacks, in a myriad of blue hues and warm, milky whites. Once each element had been hand-painted, they were then digitally assembled in the seamless repeat we marvel at today. It was safe to say we had found the one.

Sadly, and indeed tragically, our foxy heroine Selma passed away in 2014 after a long and arduous open-heart operation, at the tender age of just 49. We were devastated. This wonderful woman whom we quite nearly stumbled upon, who crossed our path at such a pivotal time in our journey, was taken away far too soon. Our hearts broke for those that knew her well, for her family and friends. We had caught just a glimpse of her beautiful fervour, and she had given to us the most special gift: our Delft Foxes. It was in this vein that we decided to launch the textile print and share it with all those that we love – for her legacy to live on in this amazing textile print.

Initially meant to fulfil a limited run collection, the Delft Foxes is still very much a principal D&F signature (and it ain’t going anywhere soon!) We love this print so much and feel it ticks all the boxes, and we never seem to tire of it (which is a massive added bonus!)

As we’ve said before – and will continue to say – we love stories. Here, we give you just one such story that we hold very dear to our hearts – we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Meet your new best friend, the Delft Fox. Shop our Classic Collection for some Delft Fox goodness here.


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