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Our new collection, Delft Foxes silk, is an interpretation of a classic combination of blue and white wares.  In Chinese, the word qīng-huā, describing the blue and white porcelain, literally means “Blue flowers”.

The blue and white craze was stirred up in the Daddy & Fox studio – and I set about creating our own interpretation of the precious porcelain.  I wanted to marry my Dutch heritage (being a native of the Netherlands, born in Zeeland, and of Dutch parents) with my love of foxes.  I commissioned the late Selma Albasini, a wonderfully talented (graphic) artist to bring to life my dream of exquisite, sensual fabrics custom-designed with a unique Daddy & Fox signature.  Selma hand-painted the beautiful blue and white Delft pattern, and incorporated gorgeous foxes and birds – the result is a unique, enchanting, ethereal and totally evocative design and we are justifiably proud of this new addition to the D&F stable.

This heritage day it is only apt to point out how many historical and cultural influences characterizes this most beautiful form of design:

 “The cobalt compound that gives blue-and-white porcelain its colour was brought to China from Iran by Mongolian invaders in the 13th century.  Once its use as a pigment had been perfected, the great trade arteries that ran from East to West began to flow with new, distinctively patterned ceramics, spawning a mania for all things blue and white – to the extent that European and Ottoman factories began to produce their own hybrid designs in order to meet the insatiable demand.  The craze gradually spread to interiors and textiles, from the tiled walls of merchant houses to gilded chinoiserie pavilions specially built to display princely collections of the precious porcelain.”

 “It’s a fashion that has never abated.  The appeal of blue and white is universal;  the interplay of the two colours is so harmonious that, however elaborately worked, it never loses its instrinsic charm or calming freshness.” *

 So, yet again – we are reminded that the world we inhabit is a melting pot of epic proportions – a fascinating concoction of dreams, desires and dalliances of all sorts.  Nothing exists in a vacuum, and we humans are continually borrowing from one another – thus ensuring that our world is constantly renewing itself, and reminding us of our rich, complex, and layered identities and heritage.  No man is an island – so best we celebrate and honour each other’s differences, and endeavour to do what it takes, to make the world a better place for all!  Happy Heritage Day.

Hartelijk groeten,


  • Excerpt from:  The New York Times Style Magazine, “In the Air;  Delft Touch” by Carolina Irving, Miguel Flores Vianna and Charlotte Di Carcaci, 7 May 2013
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